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    Are you looking for cheap international prepaid phone cards providing best long distance rates with high quality of connection? It's Here! Our international prepaid phone cards are portable and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your family, business partners or loved ones. Now you can call for less. We offer a wide range of phone cards. Best long distance rates start at 0,99 cent per minute with no connection fee. Make cheap phone calls from any telephone within the US and worldwide! Enjoy our best calling rates! Our prepaid international phone cards are the right choice for world travelers, business persons, students, military service members. Buy our cards online. You'll get PIN instantly.

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We accept:

best phone rates for local, domestic and overseas calls
Rates are subject to change without notice
France 2.3¢
Germany 2.3¢
Italy 2.4¢
Poland 2.9¢
Russia - Moscow 1.9¢
UK 2.0¢
China 2.3¢
India 11.1¢
Israel 2.8¢
Japan 2.5¢
Philippines 11.9¢
 North America
USA - Continental 1.0¢
Canada 1.9¢
Mexico 2.7¢
 South America
Argentina 3.6¢
Brazil 2.9¢
Chile 2.6¢
Colombia 4.0¢
Venezuela 4.5¢
Botswana 9.2¢
Congo 9.8¢
Ghana 8.9¢
Nigeria 8.2¢
Zimbabwe 5.5¢
Australia 2.4¢
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